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How to Lose Your Virginity: We're Giving Away a Copy of 'Forever' Signed by Judy Blume!


Legendary author Judy Blume — yes, that Judy Blume — donated a signed copy of her classic novel ‘Forever’ to the “How to Lose Your Virginity” Kickstarter campaign!
Rather than hold on to it for ourselves (and believe me, we were tempted!), we’re giving it away in a drawing as a very special thank you to our backers.

We will draw one lucky name from our backers who have pledged $100 or more. To enter the drawing, simply make a $100 or more pledge, or increase your existing pledge to $100 or more, by Friday at 6pm (NYC time).  You can still select a pledge reward — the drawing is a bonus.  We’ll post video of us drawing the lucky person’s name to our Kickstarter page on Friday night to announce the winner.

Therese & Judy

Left: Therese having a hard time parting with the book. Right: Judy Blume’s inscription!

Judy Blume wrote ‘Forever’ in 1975 because her daughter asked for a story about a teenage girl who loses her virginity and doesn’t die — and it quickly became one of the most banned books in America!  Judy has been an anti-censorship activist ever since.  Therese & Lisa both grew up with Judy Blume — Therese remembers spending Grade 6 passing around her books from girl to girl. 

And now a signed copy of ‘Forever’ could be yours for your pledge of $100 or higher.  The contest closes tomorrow at 6pm EDT, so if you’ve been thinking of pledging, now is the time!

Thank you for your support!
Therese, Lisa & Team Trixie Films

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