I tell stories that range in length from 30 seconds to 90 minutes.

What they said to us when we started this project was ‘what we want is your voice… be as outrageous as you want to… don’t hold back.’ I was like, ‘what’?? It was a very different and provocative education. I think quite clearly independent cinema is struggling. It’s difficult to get people out to the cinemas. And there’s not a lot of art house cinemas around, at least compared to when I started making films. They used to be about where you went to find out about life and have different voices talking to you in an intimate and interesting way. I don’t think that’s really happening now. People are trying to second guess what an audience wants. Occasionally maybe two or three films a year will be truly innovative. But most of them try and second guess the audience.

Writer Director Jane Campion on TOP OF THE LAKE and the Great Movie-to-TV Migration
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